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This upcoming June, HYL will have numerous vacant Board positions becoming available.  All prospective candidates will need to be nomitated (either by the individual themself, or someone else).  If you choose to nominate a candidate, send an email to hermistonlax@hotmail.com naming the candidate, and the position the candidate is being nominated for, and the HYL body will vote at the annual Meeting of the Board on June 6, 2019.  The deadline to submit the nominations are on May 22, 2019.  

The upcoming vacant positions, and the job descriptions are as follows:


a) Conducts all meetings. b) Contacts schools and city for sign ups and field usage. c) Set up game schedules with League and referees. d) Consults with Executive Board on disciplinary actions. e) Enforces disciplinary actions made by the Executive Board. f) Monitors HYL Code of Conduct of players/coaches/parents. g) Seeks opportunities for coordination of programming and training opportunities for coaches and players. h) Maintains partnerships with local organizations and businesses that support HYL. i) Recruits for new referees, initiates training for the HYL and CWLL. j) The President may delegate or assign any of these tasks to other Board members as they see fit.


a) Assumes all presidential duties in President's absence. b) Second authorized signer for checks. c) Consults with Executive Board on disciplinary actions. d) Monitors HYL Code of Conduct of players/coaches/parents. e) Oversees budgeting process. Responsible for submitting final budget to board for voting/approval. f) Plans and submits for approval proposed tournament schedule for regular season play. Finds new opportunities for tournament play. g) Work with the President to organize and direct the work of the Board and its committees.


a) Maintains records of all HYL finances b) Contacts US Lacrosse for player membership fees due and keeps record of player information c) Distributes funds as directed by the Executive Board- d) First signer for all checks e) Makes bank deposits and handles all bank associated tasks. f) Be custodian of the 501-C records including paying fees and making sure papers are filed with IRS as needed yearly g) Monitors HYL Code of Conduct of players/coaches/parents h) Follows deadlines for tournament entry and upon Board approval, applies for tournament play. i) Prepares budget; prepares mid-season and end of year financial summary for Board review. j) Secures discounted group rates at Hotels for tournaments upon release of season schedule. k) Manages the registration process including the collection of fees and other fees/dues associated with club functions. l) Pays CWLL dues annually. m) Shall be made aware of any purchase being made costing less than $100.00, which can be done with approval of any other board member. Any purchases being made with HYL funds totaling over $500.00 needs the approval via vote by the executive board.

Equipment Manager:

a) Organizes, records, and manages equipment such as goals, uniforms, helmets, and first aid kits/scorebooks for coach's bags. b) Shall distribute and collect helmets and other HYL equipment at the beginning and end of each season and shall have an accurate log of all such items. c) Shall prepare a budget and forecast for future growth needs at the conclusion of Spring season. d) Shall perform all other duties as assigned.

Coaching Liaison/Director:

a) In charge of communication between Board and coaches. b) Help coaches resolve issues with player issues. c) Ensures Coaches are up to date on information such as coach's certifications, coach background checks, and US Lacrosse numbers. d) Maintains league game organization such as schedule issues and field readiness. These duties include getting lines painted on the fields and scheduling lights. e) Ensures that playtime is managed appropriately by coaches at each level according to the HYL Mission Statement. f) Ensures that referees are assigned/available for all games. g) Ensures that all games played are recorded and all league game results are turned into CWLL. h) Provides tools and resource for coach development.


a) In charge of club emails. b) Advertisements for sign ups. c) Point of contact for fundraising/gear orders/team photos, flyers etc. d) Shall assist the Tourney Director with Battle at the Butte work. e) Manage all digital communications, and all printing that may need done.